The Children of Asterion

The Group was Created by a minotaur superhereso to train, clean public image and protect bovines of various origin in a dimensional alternative that accepted and understood the concept of “Super” heroes. And they were needed. The main  registration area was in one of the remaining metropolitan areas after World war  from Invasion Paragon City, R.I.  in the Dimension they called Primal Earth.

The main founder was Hero, Steel Hoof. A Robotics  and bionic engineer hailing from Texas, Andrew  Wronski,felt called to improve human life. An asthamatic with other complications, his own weak and frail body fueled his obsession with breaking boundaries of his body. His long and hard work brought result in form of nanites, which he subsequently used on himself.

After long and painful transformation he awoke to find himself only partially successful. He was cured, and his body was stronger than he could hope for, but his appearance started quickly and drastically. The parameters  were taken in literal expression. When realization struck, and his appearance was beyond hiding,  he took seclusion in his house, alone and depressed. He stopped all research, lectures asn contact outside. Quit his job.

Later when disaster struck at nearby house, his good willed nature won and he rushed to help people.
Thanks to his action in collapsing building five people survived, and Steel Hoof found a new purpose. He started his new found ability to protect the ones which are unable to act themselves.

Because of the goodwill he earned  for bovine appearing  individuals he started attracting the lost, confused and displaced  of the Taurine kind. Uplifted, Native, Half Human, Mutant, bespelled, Dimensional shifted. All of these he took in to a underground maze base. Later he realized many  preferred more open spaces and not the stereotyped dark  privacy. All were common  in sharing one attributes of Bovine: Horns, Hooves and /or tails. All were strong. Most were quite large.

He later opened an Academy and even married a natural Taurine woman from another dimensional earth..

A hero, A bovine, A Scientist, a family man.

A hero, A bovine, A Scientist, a family man.

Dr. Wronski currently is retired while raising a pair of twins with consultation on side and patrol duties. He plans to return to his former University faculty,  where his wife is struggling to  learn Life Sciences as student.

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