T’Klska of the Softcoat Tribe

  T’klska  is  Shu’halo, also known by the non-native races of her world as Tauren. tklska_softcoat_by_tamayokenogarimi-d5gqdi2

 A misfit growing up into tragic figure as a child. T’klska Softcoat is a kindly soul, loyal, accepting, protective, forgiving and unbegrudging.

She has some fears from her past but embraces each day after with the sun full on her face and warm.

Dimensional Rift accident flung her and some companions into a alternative earth called Praetoria. This world had an open gate also called Portals, to Primal Earth.

She was named by her first sponser, Ptegleska because it sounded similar to her name as she said it. The meaning was Noble Heifer though he was not being ironic, he felt it.

She lost mass and mane in Praetoria but gained better strength and more size. Also size gain from puberty. Being in Paragon City  fit her hero’s heart and so also did involvement with the hero Steel Hoof. She embraces her happiness and is always lending support to Asterion Academy fosterlings, Clan Softcoat inductees or patrolling the region to ensure public safety.

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