Ultra Coo Johnson,Girl within Mighty Monster

When born  her form was very close to human though by one week her goblin heritage showed in coloration and ears. Her nose was snub with a slight pad showing her bovine genes, but otherwise. But from waist up she was just rather a typical humanoid mutant. Ultra was a humantaur. Her mother was a goblin born in different world, her father a Minotaur of a Minotaur mother from a time space  rift called Cimerora and a  Human that caught her fancy so she made her mate rather than meal. Her Minotaur type were 14 ft tall carnivores that had a taste for humans. Because a fondness for the father she sent her weak offspring to his fathers world since being male he was already not as welcome in the clan and was unable to fend alone. Ultra Coo Johnson was the name given. Her parents were not  sensible in naming since “coo” simply meant cow. Eventually she also was an imposing  warrior  just under 8 ft. Taller than her father by a foot but weak in her grandmother’s eyes. She was also a technical genius and the apple of her Paternal grandfather’s eye.


She grew up with 2 other humanotaurs, one a peer and close to her. Their parents had them together often. Both had late blooming horn nubs so were very human in appearance until they were over 4 years old.  Something that ironically their non human mothers found pleasing. Nate was larger as the older child until they were 6. Ultra hid as many of her traits as she could for as long as she could, always with headbands or flowers to hid the horns, makeup to hide her nose pad and her complexion.

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Nate stayed human longer until an accident in college. Ultra showed her form early and was large and awkward, blooming later as she left the teens. Ultra was madly in love with her friend, kin and crush Nathaniel Wronski and was always his staunchest friend and supporter for throughout their lives.




Ultra was also a calm  sufferer of unrequited love. Would Nate ever see her as other than childhood friend and non -cheerleader material?I will protect you I trained so I can